Contact lenses give your eyes perfect and proper vision

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Over the years, different types of contact lenses have been discovered to suit different individuals as per their needs resulting in people and preferences. This results in people using different monthly contact lenses online. Based on our vision prescription and lifestyle, we can choose contact lenses designed for a daily replacement for up to one month or even a year. The one main advantage of daily disposable contact lenses is that you can easily dispose of the used ones and can wear the new pair of contact lenses in the morning.

There is no need to clean and disinfect the daily disposable contact lenses as you will use the new lenses the next day. On the other hand, the contact lenses which are used on a monthly or yearly basis are more cost-efficient and environmental friendly rather than the daily disposable contact

Types of contact lenses:

There are generally 3 types of contact lenses

  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Monthly disposable contact lenses
  • Yearly disposable contact lenses

Things you should consider when choosing the right contact

  • Upkeep: Daily contact lenses need less upkeep among the three contact lenses. But for these types of contact lenses, you need to have your next pair of contact lenses ready as you cannot wear them more than once both yearly and monthly need more time for their upkeep as they require proper care like cleaning, rinsing, disinfectant the contact lenses form their cleaning solution.
  • Convenience: for carrying the monthly or the yearly contact lenses, we only need to carry the storage of the contact case and the cleaning solution when you plan to goon a vacation or business trip. On the other hand, there is no such headache of carrying anything for the daily disposable contact lenses


Having monthly disposable contact lenses helps in covering many different aspects like the daily disposable contact lenses, which we cannot use daily, but in monthly disposable lenses, we can reuse them after usage and can store them in fresh contact lens solution

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