Opal Asia’s Leading Digital Financing Platform For Invoice Financing For Small Businesses

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Invoice financing is a cash flow solution that enables companies to finance their account receivables and receive early payments. A company can sell its account receivable for the purpose of improving its working capital, and this would provide the business with immediate cash flow that it can use to pay for its expenses.

It is a way to fill the gap between when an invoice is created and when the customer pays. When this gap is filled by invoice financing, the company gets immediate funds. These funds company can use in investing in its growth or pay the employees and supplies.

Why do you need invoice financing?

With invoice financing, you can enhance the cash flow. This helps in saving money for your business. It is a powerful solution. Invoice financing for small businesses works great. It gives consistent cash flow.

So many small businesses in Singapore have unlocked funds for their new start-ups through our financial solution. With our financial solution, they have capitalized on unpaid invoices and this has helped in unlocking funds for their business.

In Singapore, it helps in updating the solution to cash flow that is trapped in unpaid invoices. We are known for invoice financing for small business in Singapore and Asia.

Why should you choose opal?

Opal gives you advanced solutions. Through this, you can obtain the cash upfront by converting the invoices. Our credit line is up to $1 million SGD, in which we finance 80% of the invoice value with a maximum tenor of up to 120 days.

Invoice financing is a very important factor in the growth of your business. If you thinking of invoice financing get in touch with opal .opal will help you in all aspects of invoice financing.

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