The Contrast Between a Chinese and a Western Wedding Function

Since the cultures of China and Western countries are very unique to one another, the weddings are very unique as well. With the improvement of the innovation, individuals find out about one another. Furthermore, the world becomes smaller than usual. Individuals have been affected by one another. Furthermore, they need to change their customs step by step. However, there are still some differences between the Eastern and Western individuals. The conventional Chinese wedding function is very complicated. There are several significant things should be finished before the wedding. A go between is expected to help the marriage. After the parents of the kid and young lady settled on an understanding, the man should send lady of the hour value gift to the young lady’s loved ones. Lady cost is something like cash or gold jewelries.

Chinese Dress

Before the wedding, the lady and the groom could not see one another. Or on the other hand there is something troubled to happen. Both the families should set up a great deal for the wedding. Furthermore, they would choose a big moment to hold the wedding service. The groom should welcome the relatives and friends to participate in his wedding function. What’s more, the group of the lady should plan amounts of things as the lady’s settlement. In the past, parents would set up some day to day necessities for the new couple to start their new life. Presently they might want to give the new couple cash or house as the settlement. At the wedding day, the husband should go to welcome the lady with a customary band. The groom is very beguiling to ride on the horse. He must wear red robe and in a red cap. Dissimilar to Western wedding, the lady of the hour wears dark suits.

Red in China shows happiness and best of luck to the new couple. Then the lady leaves her parents to go to the spouse’s home in a sedan which was conveyed by men. ┬áThe lady wears a red Chinese style wedding dress and a Phoenix coronet. What’s more, there are several persons take her share with her. Then, at that point, the wedding function should be hold at the fortunate time. The couple would get kneeling down to thank for the God. Then, at that point, they get kneeling down to thank for their parents. What’s more, they would ask their parents to drink their fortunate tea. Furthermore, the parents would give them some robe chinoise longue gifts in red envelopes to show their blessings. At last, they would get kneeling down to thank for one another. Then, at that point, they will be sent to their wedding room. Chinese wedding is very not the same as their conventional one at this point. Just some ethnic minorities will hold such a conventional wedding. Most of them would like the one among Chinese and Western style.

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