Top Food For Lactating Mother You Will Love

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While suckling the baby, a mother’s concern is to increase breast milk production. You might have heard about drinks and foods that enhance milk production during lactation. First off, while suckling your newborn, make sure you are keeping it in the correct position and latch so the milk oozes out in a few pumps only. Furthermore, try nursing often. Here are some foods that can give a boost to your milk generation. Read on!

Best foods for excellent milk production in lactating women

Try consulting your doctor before you try any of our below-mentioned foods to achieve the said objective. Here are five food for lactating mother to jack up breast milk production with the science that backs them. Read on!

  • Oat milk/ oatmeal: Take a traditional bowl of oatmeal or get an oat-filled cookie. Breastfeeding moms have long relied on oat products to boost milk production.
  • Garlic: Research focused on milk and garlic vouched for the spice as they found it supportive for breast milk generation. On top of that, adding garlic and clove adds taste to the grub, so why not give it a try?
  • Fennel seeds: These licorice-flavored seeds are conventional milk boosters typically included in lactation teas and cookies. Fennel seeds do so due to the presence of estrogen-mimicking compounds in them.

Struggling with proper breastmilk supply, you need to ask the lactation consultant so the underlying issues are addressed. You will get the best advice there, so the little one relishes all the nutrients they need.

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